The Goods On Local CPR Classes


CPR Classes… Who Needs ‘Em?

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Teachers
  • Childcare
  • Lifeguards
  • Volunteer Rescue Personnel
  • Sports Coaches
  • Little League Staff and Volunteers
  • OSHA requirements
  • Security Guard Certification Requirements
  • Transporters – Bus Drivers – Trolley Operators – Shuttle Bus Drivers

The best local CPR classes in Sacramento

region 4 rescueThe best local first aid certification school that we found is Region 4 Rescue out of Sacramento, California. Region 4 Rescue offers American Heart Association and American Red Cross certification classes and hands on training. They offer AED and BLS certification training for health care providers and advanced first aid training.

CPR classes and first aid training classes are offered several times a month and custom classes can be arranged for small to large groups. Getting certified can be done in one day and the classes are small, fun and friendly. Training is conducted by ex-firefighter Brian Carroll who is a certified CPR and first aid trainer.

Classes can be scheduled by visiting they’re website and calling. Call today and find out how fast and easy it is get get CPR and First Aid certified. Whether it is for work or volunteer work you will be certified and satisfied 100 percent. Folks who have taken the courses are all very pleased and have very good things to say and have left nothing but good comments and reviews on the entire program.

Local businesses and health care providers in the greater Sacramento area all use Region 4 Rescue to train they’re personnel and get them compliant with OSHA standards. Getting on the wrong side of certification requirements can mean heavy fines. Being out of compliance can even mean getting your work place shut down until you become compliant or even indefinitely. Don’t let something as simple as getting the right training shut your business down.

Great YouTube CPR Video

The best reason to get CPR training is because you could help save lives. It would be a terrible thing to standby and watch somebody lose their life knowing that you could’ve saved it was a small weekend class of first aid and CPR training. It may be a stranger maybe a family member but why go through the torment of standing by idly when something happens. Get CPR trained and kissed first eight trained and it will be something that you know and hopefully have to never use. Life-saving training in lifesaving techniques are one of those things you have and I’ll never have to use. Just like car insurance we all have to get it and we all carry it and we all hope we have enough of it only to find that we will have to use it one day. Most of the times that’s just the way things are, bad things happen. We live in a world were bad things happen every day and so does bad health and life threatening occurrences. Be prepared and get trained.